Halo Projection Head Lamps w/Devil Eye Halo Rings

Halo Projection Head Lamps w/Devil Eye Halo Rings
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Product Description

Ship Time: 1-2 weeks Complete replacement headlamp for your Caprice or Impala. The SStreetlight package was designed to bolt in place of the original headlight assembly. Reusing the original attachments points makes installation a snap. No need to get out the wire cutters— SStreetlights come with a pre-terminated wiring harness which includes a weather resistant relay enclosure and all necessary plugs for plug in compatibility. Best of all, it allows the continued use of your original headlight switch but supplies direct voltage to the headlights for increased visibility.

* Install in an afternoon without cutting or splicing * Integrated Turn/marker assembly * State of the art projector technology improves visibility and safety * Modular in design allows users to upgrade and modify for “light personalization's”. * SStreetlight options allow for integrated driving lights, Devil EyeSS halo rings, and HID technology * Paint able bezel to further customize your look * Separate hi and low beam modules that are independently adjustable * Utilizes H9 halogen bulbs with 2500 lumen output * Upgradeable to HID Technology * Complete wiring harness with weather resistant relay box provides direct battery voltage * All Hi & Low beams and turn/marker light modules are SAE approved and manufactured by Hella * Standard Black or optional Chrome bezels