91-96 Caprice/ Impala SS

Edelbrock Rear Shocks
Edelbrock Rear Shocks
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Product Description

Edelbrock IAS shocks deliver incredibly responsive handling around tight turns and dramatically reduce body roll with a comfortable ride for outstanding vehicle control. Manufactured by Edelbrock in the USA, these are the only automotive shocks that incorporate the patented Ricor Inertia Active System. This unique valve design senses changes in terrain and adjusts instantly for a better ride than you ever thought possible.

All Edelbrock IAS shocks have these outstanding features:

• Patented Inertia Active System for the best of both worlds... smooth ride and superior handling • NitroSteel® piston rod won't chip or flake like chrome • High-pressure gas mono-tube construction that dissipates heat more effectively for increased seal life and durability • Durable powder-coated finish for the best corrosion resistance in the industry • Polyurethane bushings are more responsive • Welds done with robotic projection welder for accuracy and consistent quality • Tube ends are rolled closed for leak-free construction... other brands have tubes that are welded closed • Large, 46mm piston for more consistent damping • Viton seal and low friction piston rod bearing for long life and no leaks

Performer IAS shocks were the first shocks to include the Inertia Active System (IAS), revolutionizing the ride and handling quality standard. Designed for stock ride-height and select lowered applications, Performer IAS have a distinctive red powder-coated finish. If you need two fronts shocks adjust the quantity to two.If you need two shocks please select a quanity of 2, the price is $99.00 for one shock.