Dodge Charger 4-Pc In-Channel Vent Visors

Dodge Charger 4-Pc In-Channel Vent Visors
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Product Description

AVS side window air deflectors keep out the elements and let fresh air in. They also help to reduce heat buildup in parked vehicles by allowing windows to be kept partially open. These visors are great when you want a cool breeze without high wind noise, and they add style to your Charger.

* Sleek, streamlined appearance * Greater visibility * No obstruction * Decreased wind noise * Snug secure fit * No-drill installation * 4-Pc set * Available in popular smoke acrylic

An update of AVS landmark vent visor design, the In-Channel Vent Visor offers the same protection from the elements in a sleek, streamlined profile. With greater visibility and less wind noise, the In-Channel Vent Visor features no-drill installation and a snug, secure fit.