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Chrome Grille Pillars 05-09
Chrome Grille Pillars 05-09
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Product Description

Give your Ford Mustang GT or Base model an upgrade like nothing else on the market! Introducing the Chrome Grille Pillar Covers, from Action Artistry. Machined from quality billet aluminum, these unique pieces fit over the pillars located at the bottom of your Mustang's grille. No drilling, cutting or fabrication required. Simple and easy installation using pre-applied automotive adhesive. Simply prep the surface, then place, peel and stick! Giving your pony car that custom, billet look has never been easier.

* Machined from quality billet aluminum * Polished to a mirror-like shine * No drilling, cutting or fabrication required * Three piece set for GT and two piece set for base models * Installs quickly and easily with pre-applied automotive adhesive * An easy way to give your Mustang a cutting-edge look

Don't settle for anything less than these quality billet aluminum products from Action Artistry. Now you can have that refined, classy look in just minutes.