* Add 35 Rear Wheel Horsepower * Engineered & Manufactured By SLP For True Performance and Driveability * Straightforward Installation

2005-06 ZL 435 Performance Package Adds 35 Horsepower
2005-06 ZL 435 Performance Package Adds 35 Horsepower
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Product Description

Bolt on a real horsepower boost with a ZL435 Package from the one of the top names in Corvette performance, SLP. These parts have been tested on the dyno and in real world driving situations - they produce a minimum of 35 rear wheel horsepower with no loss in reliability. They work together to give your Corvette faster ET's, higher top speed, plus your C6 will even sound better!

Performance Parts include: Blackwing Intake, SLP Exhaust with choice of Cast or Trapezoidal Tips, 160 Degree Thermostat, Custom PCM Tuning (approx. 1 week turnaround time on re-programming your C6 PCM), and Custom ZL435 Fender Badges.

Complete installation instructions included.

Tech Note: Due to General Motors changing the computer architecture on 2006 models, our custom PCM tuning is not available yet. Without SLP's custom PCM tuning, this PerformancePac may cause a check engine light to come on. SLP anticipates the custom PCM tuning to be available on or about June 1st. Please call our Customer Service Team for details.

Components come with a 3 year/36,000 mile parts replacement warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use.