1985-91 Intake Manifold Base, ACCEL high flow

1985-91 ACCEL Super Ram Manifold Boosts Torque
1985-91 ACCEL Super Ram Manifold Boosts Torque
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Product Description

Up To An Additional 61 Ft-lbs Of Tire-Smoking Torque

* 15-20 Horsepower Boost

Increase your Corvette's performance with the new ACCEL Super-Ram Manifold. This manifold increases overall manifold port volume and re-contours the intake ports for greater inlet air flow, high flow velocity, and maximum charge density. Actually creates a "Ram Effect" at higher rpm's, packing more air/fuel mixture into the combustion chambers for a big boost in power and speed. The ACCEL Super-Ram Manifold accepts OEM TPI runners or ACCEL's High Flow TPI runners. The ACCEL Super-Ram Manifold is equipped with EGR ports for use with vehicles originally equipped with EGR.